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Your Body's On YOUR Side

Befriending Your Body & Embracing Its Wisdom for Health, Happiness and the Life You Truly Desire

A 5-Module Live Group Program to support you in: 

• No longer beating yourself or your body into submission • Ending food confusion (and obsession) • Reducing stress & emotional eating • Discovering movement that feels good to you & your body • Shifting from fighting your body to partnering with it for more confidence, health, and lasting results...  

Stop Fighting Your Body... Make Peace With It For Better Energy, Health & Vitality!  

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your body is on your side program

• Eating food you love - when you really want it - without guilt, shame, judgment or fear of gaining weight

• Feeling good about yourself and how you look - no matter your size, your weight, or anything else

• Living your life - fully - right now... no more putting life on hold until you reach a certain weight, size, etc.

• No more diets, 'lifestyle change' or programs involving restriction, punishment, deprivation or hating yourself for being 'bad' (Hint: YOU aren't bad, the program is!)

Taking back the time, money & energy invested in attempting to change your body & using it for what matters to you... (family, business, self-care, fun...)  

• Having the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, take chances, have fun & reach for success, knowing you're ENOUGH, right here, right now!

You're invited to join us and discover:

• Why attempts to lose weight, eat 'healthy,' eliminate sugar (or flour, dairy, carbs, fat...) & other 'healthful' strategies backfire, cause self-sabotage & are NOT sustainable in the long-term... and what DOES work for good health, stable energy and feeling good on a regular basis!  

• How fighting, tricking or 'hacking' your body makes it fight back harder & how to work WITH it, cultivating a powerful, positive relationship for the results you really want.  

• While you may find it impossible to 'love' your body... this is OK! You'll learn how to develop "Mutual Trust™" with and respect for your body in a way that's comfortable, simple & sustainable.  

• How to STOP judgment, guilt & shame that drive emotional eating or binging & keep you from enjoying food, leading back to restriction, deprivation, dieting & gaining weight (the vicious diet-binge cycle).  

• The truth about health, weight, disease, longevity & the human body that most doctors, dietitians, personal trainers, & other health professionals don't know or can't seem to wrap their heads around (all backed up by years of solid, published research!).  

• Plus: You'll receive your very own Mutual Trust™ toolbox, full of more than 20 easy-to-use tools for making peace with food and your body! 

Are You Ready to Partner With Your Body? 

You're in the right place! In addition to Peace With Food & Your Body, you'll receive: 

5 live sessions + a Q&A session via webinar platform so you can learn and ask questions in real time • Workbooks, exercises, planners, journals & more for notes, tracking progress & learning and discovering what works best for you • Access to a private Facebook group for support from me & fellow members • Feedback & support during live sessions and in the Facebook group • Special bonuses - to help you learn & implement faster & easier! • A better way of living - free of dieting, deprivation, bad body days, emotional eating & self-sacrifice all while getting your needs met & finding happiness, fun & fulfillment!

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Here's a sneak peek at what we'll be doing...


Session One: Why Your Body Is On Your Side - A Paradigm Shift  

Do you feel like your body's on your side? You may not after years of dieting, exercising, & other ways of trying to make your body look or act how you think it 'should.' The truth is your body wants nothing more than to be healthy & run in the way it was designed

In this session, you'll learn: 

• Why everything you've tried in order to change your body, health & habits hasn't worked long-term & the big reasons why they never will (and in many cases, aren't supposed to!)

• What's missing in the conventional approaches & the flawed beliefs perpetuated by the diet/fitness/wellness/health fields, causing us mental, emotional & physical harm

• The one change in how you relate to yourself that can change your entire life... your health, sleep, relationships, career, energy - everything else!

• How you do one thing this IS how you do everything and what you can expect by learning and practicing what you learn in our time together.

• The first 5 tools in your Mutual Trust™ Toolbox!

ice cream

Session Two: Make Peace With Food for Pleasure & Freedom... Food is So Much More Than Just "Fuel"  

The cultural hysteria around food, like government trying to regulate our sugar intake, or the 'clean eating' craze, has done nothing but make it more confusing and created an epidemic of disordered eating and body hatred. When you eat food that isn't "clean," is it dirty???

If you're sick and tired of wondering what you 'should' eat, if you're done with rules that change daily, and ready to accept that you're a 'good' person regardless of what you eat.. you're going to love this session. We'll discuss...

• The power and freedom in giving yourself "full permission" to eat food you love, when you want it. (Don't worry, this doesn't lead to all-out gorging on food - no matter what your mind is saying right now!)

• The only 3 'measurements' you've ever needed to know when and how much to eat and when to stop. By connecting to your body & its cues, you'll enjoy eating, feel great when you're done & finish without any guilt or shame about what or how much you ate! 

• Why satisfaction is a very important outcome of eating (as well as pleasure). If your food isn't pleasurable & satisfying, you won't want to stop. Satisfaction is necessary for stopping when you're actually full!

• How to handle those cravings & urges to eat, that are driven by triggers that lead to emotional or binge eating (followed by hating yourself, your body and jumping into another diet out of guilt & shame). 

• Why babies are great role models, plus 5 additional Mutual Trust™ tools for connecting with your body so you can thoroughly enjoy eating!

strong women

Session Three: Body Respect, Self-Care & Joyful Movement (really!)  

Women's media never fails to find another body part that isn't perfect, while the body-positive advocates tell us to just, "Love your body!" It's a big jump from hating your body to loving it... In this session, you'll learn an easier approach that includes:  

• An overview of the Health At Every Size movement... known as the "new peace movement," as in, making peace with your body! Weight stigma & discrimination have kept the truth about health & weight buried under hysteria & special interests. You'll get the TRUTH here.

• Why it's so hard to even like your body and a surprising, but easy step towards changing your relationship with your body (no looking at yourself naked in the mirror repeating, "I love myself," necessary!)

• How to make moving your body a positive experience focused on feeling good physically, mentally & emotionally. The days of beating your body into submission are over! No more white-knuckling exercise because you're afraid to miss a day.

• Creating & honoring your new boundaries around food, your body & self-care. This includes dealing with others who don't understand, are concerned, or feel threatened by changes you're making for yourself.

Respecting your body. When you respect your body, you'll want to take care of it. You'll feel more positive and stop spending valuable time feeling bad about it or trying to 'fix' it. Use this time to focus on what's important to you, & your body will take care of the weight piece all by itself.

• 5 tools to practice Body Respect for your Mutual Trust™ Toolbox!

compulsive overeating

Session Four: Overcoming Judgment, Self-Sabotage, Negative Emotions & Outside Forces

Do you know the one thing - that's in your control - causing most of our problems with food, body, movement, being 'stuck,' self-sabotage & generally getting in the way of what we want? It's our THOUGHTS. 

Of course, other people and circumstances also interfere with what we want. But truth be told, often our thoughts about these people or circumstances cause more problems than what was said, done or actually happened. In this session, we'll address:

• Why we have the thoughts we do, what their purpose is and how to work with them - rather than avoiding them or eating them away - for better results.

• How thoughts lead to emotions that lead to behavior that brings about results. Want different results? Change your thoughts...easier said than done, right? You'll learn how & improve your emotions, too!

• Speaking of emotions, you'll learn another way of viewing them to take the fear and dread (and emotional eating) out of feeling (or trying not to feel) them.

• Dealing with food pushers, well-meaning people who invade your boundaries, & those who sabotage - intentionally or not, & managing common obstacles that make your new intentions difficult to keep.

• 5 final tools to round out your Mutual Trust Toolbox!

body positivity

Session Five: Putting It All Together For the Life YOU Want

There's more to life than achieving the 'thin ideal,' a number on the scale or a size of pants. At the end of life, no one ever says they wish they lost the weight, sculpted the perfect abs or avoided sugar for years. In this session, in addition to your questions and feedback, we'll cover: 

• What you can do with the free time you'll gain when you're no longer obsessing over food or your body. It's scary how much time we spend on this stuff! 

• How to live more in the moment, rather than the past or future. No matter the circumstances, research shows people are happiest staying in the present, rather than regretting the past or trying to control the future.

• Having FUN. Do you let yourself have FUN now? A lack of fun can keep you stuck! Fun isn't for 'someday' - especially if you're experiencing eating issues, depression, isolation or related situations. It's essential in a healthy life

Purpose, meaning and/or fulfillment. This may be part of the work you do, volunteering, hobbies or self-exploration may be needed to figure out what's important & fulfilling to you. 

• This work will require good self-care and growth, which means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Remember, all that you want lives on the other side of the comfort zone! 

• This session will have time for additional questions or for getting support for your situation, if needed. We'll have a stand-alone Q&A session before Session 5 as well as our private group, so you'll have a place to go anytime you need help!


Special Bonuses! And more... 

20+ tools that make up the Mutual Trust™ Toolbox, including exercises, tools & education for insight into what & why you engage in certain behaviors & how to change them.

Special Q&A session halfway through the program.

Self-Care Kit including journal, planner and self-guided activities and checklists related to self-care. You'll create your own self-care kit based on your needs, your experience and your personal goals.

Private Facebook group for support, questions and connecting with other participants who know & understand your challenges!  

• And more surprises to come...  

Partner With Your Body for Freedom from Food & Body Struggles - For Good! 

You've done it the Diet Industry's way... It doesn't work & they know it. In fact, they count on it not working for repeat business.

How about something completely different...  

Enjoy your food, learn from your body and work with it to eliminate deprivation, guilt and shame... and finally start living the life you've been putting on hold for way too long!

Normal price: $197  

Your price: $97 (for a limited time)  

Prefer to pay in 2 payments? No problem! Click below to pay $49 now & $49 in 30 days.